This Comenius-Project has finished in July 2011.

10-08-2011: Results of the evaluation

Conference from the 3rd till the 10th of April 2011 in Gaziantep:goes here

Slideshow: Best of all conference-photos in Turkey

Results 2011:
CZ DK-Group 2+3 - Mohammad- Hille's 9A
Hille's 6A - Eva's 7B - Eva's 8B - Marju's 7A - Marju's 9B - Fanny's 3C

Teacher Teams and the results of 2010-2

These six schools work together from Autumn 2009 till summer 2011:

  1. Flag EE Võru 1 Põhikool in Võru, Estonia - School Info
  2. Flag TR Özel Idare Anadolu Lisesi in Şahinbey / Gaziantep, Turkey - School Info
  3. Flag FR Collège Auguste Mailloux in Le Loroux Bottereau, France - School Info
  4. Flag DK Brøndby Strandskole in Brøndby Strand, Denmark - School Info
  5. Flag CZ Základn Škola Kladská in Praha 2, Czech Republic - School Info
  6. Flag DE Kopernikus-Oberschule in Berlin-Steglitz, Germany - School Info

1st link goes to the website, 2nd link to the address (new window), 3rd link to information about each school.

Calendar of the Project

Aims of the Project

"Environment and Sustainability: Think Global - Act Local"

Make the pupils aware of their own role as consumer – and its consequences.
Give the pupils a wider knowledge and awareness :

  1. ... concernig their own comsumption
  2. ... of todays use of energy
  3. ... of renewable energy

Decisions made in the conference in Copenhagen 2008:
First year:

Contents of the first year

Second year

Contents of the second year